Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beware.. Artists at work!

We are very lucky to have a visiting artist in our class for the next 5 weeks. Her name is Elena and she is a master pattern maker by trade. She also creates and designs her own jewellery.

We are using the theme of The Aborigines to inspire our art. So far we have created dotted animal pictures as well as making our own jewellery designs using copper wire and beads. Have a look at some of our work. 
Dotted Kangaroo in the making..

Dotted turtle

The girls working hard on their pictures.

Elena shared some of her other work with us.

It is very interesting!

Shelbie loved creating and designing her own jewellery.

Elena kindly brought in lots of beads for us to use.

Here we are learning how to create various shapes and designs using copper wire.

Róisín worked very hard and created a fabulous design using the wire and beads.

Katelyn used very bright colours to create her pattern.

Chelsea enjoyed using smaller beads for her piece.  

Stay tuned to see more of our exciting work!

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