Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Stone Age

We are learning about the Stone Age. Have a look at some of our pieces of writing in which we are pretending to live during this historical time.

Hi my name is Mia and I live in the stone age. I live in a cave with my family. My family and I work very hard.
              My Dad hunts for animals like deer, mammoth and boar. We eat them and then take the skin off to wear as clothes. With the deer antlers and bones, we make jewellery.
              My job is to collect berries, nuts and fruit with my Mam. We also make jewellery and pots.
               We make weapons from flint. Flint is a hard stone. My Dad makes fishing rods from wood and uses bones as a hook.
               My life is very hard as we have so many jobs to do to survive.
By: Meadhbh Murphy

Hello! My name is Anna. Right now I am writing in my cave on the wall. My cave is not very pretty, it is mostly grey. My bed is made from fresh hay which is not really comfy. My mother is making a pot beside the fire. I can hear my Dad coming home so dinner is going to be ready soon.
                       Dinner is either going to be mammoth, a deer, or a boar. I like boar best. My Dad is a very good hunter. I have to collect berries, nuts and fruit to give our dinner some flavour. 
By: Charlotte Ronan

Hello, my name is Krista. I am living in the stone age. I am 10 years old. My family and I live in a cave. My Dad has a very difficult job. He needs to kill animals to get skins for us to wear then he needs to scrape out the meat for us to eat. 
              My Mum and I dont have such a hard job. We just gather berries, nuts and fruit to eat. We make beds from hay. We cook on a large flat stone and we also make pots.
               Flint is a hard stone and when you bang it with another stone it breaks into thin sharp pieces. We use flint to draw and write on the walls of the caves. It is used also as a weapon by my Dad to kill animals.
By: Wiktoria Bytkowska

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