Tuesday, 2 October 2012

We are learning all about Islam in class this week. We wrote some imaginative pieces pretending we were Muslims. Here is a line or two from some of our work:

Hi, my name is Sofia and I am a Muslim. I live in Libya. Me and my family pray to Muhammad and Allah every day. Muhammad is a prophet and Allah is our God.      By: Áine

Hi , I am a Muslim. My name is Sofia. I pray to Allah every day. Mohammed is one of our prophets. Our holy book is called The Qur'an. This is where Muhammad wrote the prayers and stories that Allah told him about.            By: Emma

Hi. My name is Omotola and I would like to tell you all about Muslims. My friend Nora is a Muslim. She prays to her God, Allah every day. The prophet Muhammad heard the words of Allah just like Jesus heard the word of God.  By: Omotola

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